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With the holiday season around the corner, we all are feeling the pressure to buy the perfect sustainable gift for our travel-loving family and friends. You most likely landed here, on this post, because you are a person who cares. You care about finding the perfect gift, you care about the environment, and you care about the people in the world. You may be a person who is trying your best to lead a sustainable life or care enough about someone who does, and hence you want to get the perfect sustainable gift. In either case, thank you for being here and having a read, I hope I can inspire you to make the best decision.  

But before I start dumping a list of the coolest sustainable gift ideas for travellers, or whoever really, let’s remind ourselves what sustainability means. Sustainability is not about purchasing products labelled as “eco” or “organic” but about the positive impact they have in the environment and local communities overall.  This impact is measured from the moment the raw materials are harvested until the product is sold in a shop. It is also measured by how well all employees and local communities are treated by each of the companies that help make that product. That’s why being sustainable and wanting to do the right thing entails a lot of research. 

Whether you are a sustainable traveller and you are looking for ideas for your personal wish list or you are the one who has to make the purchase, look no further, this list is for you!

Pin image: This is the only list of sustainable gifts that you need to look at in 2020. In this post, you will find a brief explanation on what sustainability means and tons of gift ideas for any kind of traveller. From ecofriendly and zero waste gifts to ecological and upcycled goods. Look no more for the best gifts for travellers who are eco conscious.


  1. This post contains affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. That means that I will earn a small commission if you click on the link provided in this blog post and make a purchase at no extra cost to you.
  2. The opinions on this post and the recommended products are solely based on my experiences with such products and my beliefs. I did not add anything to this list that I would not purchase myself.


Instead of giving you an endless list of sustainable gifts, I thought it might be easier to break it down depending on the lifestyle or travel choices each person has. Obviously, these are just some ideas, but you can mix and match to meet the needs and taste of each individual. 


One of the easiest changes one does when switching to a more sustainable life is reducing plastic use. That’s why eco friendly toiletries are a great sustainable gift for someone who is just beginning to introduce new sustainable habits. There are a myriad of products sold in solid form, avoiding the use of a plastic container or wraps. Also, because these products are produced at a small scale and some of them are hand made, the ingredients are much more natural and better for your body overall.

This is a great gift for any sustainable traveller for two reasons: we like to use our personal products so that we don’t create extra waste with hotel amenities, and we can take them in carry on without worrying about liquids!

I recommend you purchase some of these eco friendly personal care products and create a beautiful zero waste toiletry basket.

Shampoo and conditioner 
ecofriendly solid shampoo from Mongolian brand La Perla  is a great sustainable gift idea

I started using solid shampoos when I first moved to Mongolia. I came across a brand named  “La Perla” and they are one of the best solid shampoos I have ever tried. Nowadays you can find solid shampoo in supermarkets but you can try to find them online or in specialty shops such as Lush.

Soap and cream bars 

An extra benefit of using soap bars as opposed to shower gel is that you waste less product because it is easier to use only the amount you need. You can find soap bars inside a beautiful woollen pouch that serves as a sponge. Additionally, there are also very versatile soap bags.

sustainable gift soaps from ecofriendly companies, two face soaps on soap dish and body soap in beautiful coloured woolen pouch
Natural body cleaners or exfoliators

A natural sponge or loofah are two biodegradable alternatives to synthetic counterparts. Another sustainable option would be reusable cotton pads or a washcloth made from organic cotton that you can use as makeup removers, too.

Toothpaste tablets and bamboo toothbrush 

Bamboo is known to be the ultimate eco-friendly raw material if sourced sustainably, so throw a bamboo made toothbrush together with zero waste toothpaste and dental floss as sock fillers.

I buy my toothpaste in my zero waste local shop but there are many interesting products online like Bite toothpaste tablets.

Crystal deodorant stone 
zero-waste crystal deodorant held by a hand under water from the tap

This is a great zero waste gift when purchased without any packaging. This type of deodorant feels like a roll but without the wet feeling, definitely worth trying. 

Tin boxes 

This gift is a must if you are planning on purchasing solid soaps. When travelling, we need a container, other than a ziplock bag, to carry our zero waste toiletries. 

three tins to keep solid soap bars. There is a square and green tin, and two round tins, one black and the other, white.
Upcycled or repurposed basket
sustainable gift baskets made with upcycled newspaper

To top off this highly customisable zero waste gift, pick a repurposed box or basket.


For the city lifestyle traveller who loves coffee to go, eats takeaway at the park and does lots of walking around. 

A good water bottle, thermos or tumbler are very useful gifts. I recommend durable, insulated bottles because you want to keep your coffee and tea hot when you are visiting New York for Christmas or ice cold water when strolling around the Darwin market. My favourite bottle is Super Sparrow with its sling to easily carry it during your travels.

Another great choice is a fancy tote that is always super useful to carry extra things around the city or for any unpredictable purchase. 

A mildly seasoned sustainable traveller probably already has all of the above. In that case, you can go a step further and help them cut on single plastic items with a reusable straw (metal or bamboo), a bamboo cutlery set or a collapsible food container. Beware that these types of sustainable gifts are for people who are willing to be proactive. This entails being ready to get ahead of the cashier or shopkeeper and ask for no cutlery, no straws… 


For those sustainable travellers who cannot live without the sea. You may have not thought of this before, but sunscreen is actually quite harmful for marine life. A couple of thoughtful options to give the ocean a break is to use an eco friendly sunscreen, which is significantly less harmful.  But if you really want a better option to protect marine life, UPF Swimwear is the way to go. It is useful for snorkelling and other related water sports. 


Fit woman in the background holding a colourful microfiber towel made out if recycled plastic.

This is a perfect gift that can be accompanied by a beach bag or a beach towel made out of recycled materials. I own this Nomadix microfiber towel made out of recycled bottles and I love it because of how versatile it is (really great for yoga).


For hikers and campers alike, most pieces of equipment that will prevent them from leaving trash behind will be super useful. Some sustainable gifts mentioned above are good gifts too, but here are some different and fun ideas.

As someone who hikes, I always make sure to pack everything I need for the perfect day. I find beeswax wraps or reusable bags a great ecofriendly option to store sandwiches or snacks and finally cut off Ziploc bags.

The most original sustainable gift ideas I have seen this year are related to using nature’s bathroom. AKA anywhere behind a bush. One is the Culoclean, a hilarious name for a device that gets attached to a water bottle and imitates those fancy Asian bidets. Another item is the antibacterial pee cloth by Kula. No more leaving toilet paper behind. Genius!

These two gifts are a great option for a White Elephant gift!

Second hand gear. Have you heard about REI’s garage sale? They have them at least twice a year and they have very decent gear. I myself have purchased hiking shoes there.


Anyone going on road trips needs special gear to maximise the limited space a car gives you. I love my Scrubba washing bag, which is great for washing a few clothing items as you go.


It is well known that the clothing industry has very negative environmental impacts, especially with the fast fashion industry on the rise and our obsession to consume constantly.  That’s why I do not recommend buying any piece of clothing unless it is necessary. However, here are some sustainable alternatives: 

  • Thrift shops or second hand markets are a great place to find unique pieces and give them another chance to be used.  
  • Clothing brands that upcycle and recycle materials, reducing waste in the process.
  • Brands endorsed with certifications of sustainability, like Certified B Corporation, Bluesign or FSC Forest Stewardship Council.


Don’t ditch your yoga practice when you are travelling! This was my most recent purchase when I was in lockdown in Spain and didn’t have a proper mat to do yoga. So, with plenty of time in my hands, I researched sustainable, eco-friendly brands that would have yoga mats for the yogi traveller. And I came upon the eKO® Superlite Travel Yoga Mat 1.5mm by Manduka, a sustainable product made in Taiwan from natural tree rubber.

ecofriendly gift for yogis, a sustainable yoga mat, so thin it can be folded and packed in a travel suitcase

Who doesn’t enjoy a cup of tea after their yoga practice? Hold on… who doesn’t love a cup of tea at any time, any day? I guess I didn’t know where to put tea on the list, so here it goes. Loose leaf tea is better for the environment because it reduces packaging and it avoids the release of microplastics in the water. Find a local tea shop (if you are from the US I would tell you to go to Teavana, but apparently tea wasn’t trendy enough to keep it running…), get some great quality loose leaf tea, and get a tea canister as a beautiful alternative for gift wrap.

thermos mug, kettle, organic loose leaf green tea and a tea steeper with the shape fo a house are in the background, The foreground has has scattered tea leaves

Don’t have a tea shop around? Let me recommend online shop Matcha Alternatives, a small tea business ran by Elisabeth and Vientiene. They pride themselves on only working with ethically sourced and ecological tea, which translates to great people giving great quality.


Instead of actual gadgets, give away experiences. Objects will ultimately become trash sooner or later. If you are looking to get a gift for a person who basically has everything, consider the gift of a cool experience. 

  • For a foodie, you can get dinner at a farm to table or eco restaurant, or even a cooking class. 
  • For the sports person, a kitesurfing lesson, ski lesson… Think of what is available near your area. 
  • For the nature lover, a weekend getaway near the mountains or beach. You can also adopt a tree in the name of your sustainable friend. In Spain, I found out you can sponsor an olive tree and then you get some olive oil as a thank you token.
  • For the animal lover, a responsible nature experience, like visiting a sustainable farm or going to an animal sanctuary.
  • For the artsy person, a workshop to learn how to make your own eco-friendly products, an upcycling class, a pottery class…
  • In the digital world, there are many subscriptions for premium services that can make great gifts. Some examples are music and movie streaming services, digital book subscriptions like kindle unlimited or Audible, or learning platforms like Skillshare.
  • Is the person you know passionate about a particular cause? Make a donation in their name! Local animal shelters, education funds, Red Cross, food banks… 


As I mentioned above, being sustainable is not only about buying trendy eco friendly products, but supporting those businesses who include sustainable practices. Therefore, you can also contribute with the following sustainable gift ideas:

  • Locally owned shops. It boosts the local economy and helps small businesses survive. If you avoid shipping you will also be cutting off CO2 emissions. 
  • Social enterprises or companies that give back to the community. What businesses, big or small, are trying to make a difference where you live? For example, the quilting centre in Ulaanbaatar hires women with mobility difficulties and they give them the chance to work from home with flexible hours while paying them a fair salary. 
  • Companies who carry out sustainable practices and are transparent about their business practices. Brands like Patagonia, Nike, Adidas or Tropicfeel strive to make business in a sustainable manner.
a close up of a yellow ceramic pumpkin from local artist in Rota, Spain.
I bought this handmade pumpkin made by a local artist at a local shop in my hometown, Rota.

Final thoughts

If you are here to look for the perfect sustainable gift, the person who will receive it will appreciate how mindful you have been to choose something that makes a little difference. On the other hand, if you are a sustainable traveller looking for ideas for your own wish list, don´t be afraid to be very specific or mention the brands that you would like to support to your family and friends. 

It is very difficult to find a product that will tick all the sustainability boxes, there are way too many variables to look at and we don’t always have all the information available to us. But as the saying goes, we need a lot of people doing a few sustainable things, rather than a few being perfect. A lot of people doing small actions like this is what will make a difference. 

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    1. thank you for the kind words, i really appreciate them. I encourage you to continue looking for the perfect shampoo bar :). I wonder what problems you are facing to find something that suits you. My main problem with other solid shampoos has been that gets dirty much faster.

  1. I love this list & the principles behind it. I have tried to buy products which are more locally produced on recent travels but you have really highlighted to me to focus even more on this. Some excellent suggestions here …& I clearly need to go to Mongolia as these products sound amazing 😉

    1. Glad you enjoyed the list! Buying locally produced goods is a good way to promote sustainability. My souvenirs always come from local shops or artists.

  2. Ooh, I absolutely love this post! That soap sponge thing looks amazing, and I’ve been searching for a yoga mat small enough to take with me when I travel. Thank you so much for the amazing ideas 🙂

  3. Great list and insider tips! I haven’t tried toothpaste tabs either, but it’s a great idea for those who don’t have dental issues. I have sensitive teeth, so I’m pretty particular about my toothpaste, so that’s one item I have yet to find a good eco-friendly alternative. So many good ideas for gifts!

    1. I also use toothpaste for sensitive teeth, but i would love to try the toothpaste tablets for a week trip or so, I find them so convenient, especially long haul flights

  4. I agree that a few small sustainable changes made by all of us is important to help the planet. I love the idea of giving an experience rather than a gadget.

  5. This is great as a gift list…but also for extra ideas how we can reduce our waste. I used the crystal as an alternative to deodorant. I love it (and how much plastic it cut from my life.)

    I keep meaning to get one of those kula cloths too (although I would only buy that for someone that I know really well. I imagine it would freak some people out!

    1. haha, definitely! I would only gift a portable bidet of a kula cloth to someone who has said wants one for Christmas >D Too personal to pick that as your first choice.

  6. Yay! I love all these ideas! <3 I've been working on using up all my stuff so I can switch to hopefully most solid body care stuff (e.g. shampoo/conditioner/soap). I've been really interested in Bite too! Will let you know if I try it out! 😛 (If you end up trying it before me, lemme knowww!)

    I love the part about giving away experiences too–I know I'd definitely love those more so than anything else! :]

  7. This is such a useful post! I think that weekend getaways are one of the bests gifts there are – unfortunately every year I tend to get so many things that I have to give away, so I’d not get this problem with a holiday haha.

  8. Love these ideas! The shampoo and conditioner are such great ideas! Dinner at eco-farms are the best way to travel–yummy food, meet the locals and get out of the city!

    1. Thanks for the message Dana, I am glad you like the ideas 🙂 Let me know if you end up getting inspired and get something from the list 😉

      1. Great sustainable gift ideas. I have a favorite shampoo bar that I use. You’re right every sustainable and/or local product helps.

  9. I had never thought of these gift ideas for people! This is so creative and NEEDED! I love this site!

  10. I love that towel you listed that doubles as a yoga mat. I’ll have to try that out. I’ve been trying to find a good travel towel for ages.

  11. This is a wonderful guide! I was looking for something like this and this is perfect for my shopping – I am always looking for sustainable ideas, and inspiration and you have amazing tips here. Thank you!

  12. I love that you mentioned sustainable gifts don’t have to be tangible! A skillshare class is a great gift idea 🙂

  13. Great list! I like the sound of those shampoo bars from La Perla, I’m going to try find them. L’hamour is one of my favourite brands in Mongolia, I’m always buying their products as gifts for my family overseas and they have really cool salt lamps.

    1. Yes!! 🙂 The shampoos are in the Bioamidral shop, which apparently now has a different name (GER living or something?) I love L´hamour too! I brought some creams 2 years ago for secret Santa and my uncle loves them!! (I do too!!)

  14. Such a great list. I feel now is as important as ever to shop sustainably this holiday season!

  15. This is such a great list of gift ideas! I also love your note about sustainability not only being about the final product but that you can also support local businesses and companies that give back to the community 🙂

  16. Love these! Always searching for more ideas, especially sustainable ones! This year tried to combine some of these, I love soap bars (any!) so trying to get other people to use them by adding small pieces in gift boxes just to try them. Thanks for the suggestions, pinning it for later 😀

  17. A sustainable yoga mat sounds perfect. I’ll have to check out the brand you recommended.

  18. I have thought of buying a pack of dry shampoo so many times, but, I have been procrastinating it thinking that it might be not that useful.

  19. Insulated water bottles are so awesome! I think they make great gifts, too. I’ve also been interested in getting some reusable bags. Thanks for much for this great list!

  20. Yeees I am so a fan of those crystal deodorant stones. We have been using one for the last couple of years and I have been so, so impressed with it. Plus it saves soooo much plastic!

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