Mongolia is a unique travel destination considered to be off the beaten path for the average traveller. After a couple of years in the country, I have only seen a few travellers in Mongolia, mostly during the short Summer season. Naadam Festival is probably the most well-known celebration in the country, and given the fact that it occurs on the hottest month of the year, it seems like the perfect time to visit. During this time, the city of Ulaanbaatar transpires an atmosphere of the purest Mongolian culture. So, one fine day in July, on the second day of the Naadam Festival, I decided to go out and ask travellers a few questions about their trip to Mongolia such as why they were drawn to such corner of the world, what they like about Naadam Festival or what makes Mongolia unique.

Two Mongolian wrestlers competing during Naadam Festival in Mongolia closely observed by a referee
Watching a wrestling competition requires patience. There is a lot of nothing happening and then, bam! down to the ground!

Brief description of the Naadam Festival

Naadam is a sort of National Olympics comprising three sports traditionally called “the three games of men” (even though women and children participate in some categories). Those three games are archery, horse racing and wrestling. Even though these sports may sound familiar to you I assure you the way they perform these games is nothing like you’ve seen before, especially the horse races.

Naadam festival brings a joyful ambience to the city. When you stroll around the stadium you will see plenty of people wearing their colourful national outfits. You will likely hear people singing traditional Mongolian songs and, of course, you will get to try some of the most distinctive national dishes like Airag (fermented mare’s milk) and Khuushuur (deep-fried empanada).

I won’t spoil the video I made last Naadam in which I interviewed some travellers about their experience. So it’s better you check it out to learn why other travellers think Mongolia is so unique and amazing. I hope it inspires you to come to visit!

Talking to tourists in Mongolia

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travellers in Mongolia need to see Lake Khuvsgul
Frozen Khuvsgul Lake

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