Last section of the series of the ultimate list of carry on things. This time, I am putting together food, beverage and medications under health.

Carry a reusable bottle of water

Very useful in airports that have water fountains (yay for Salt Lake City airport!), very eco-friendly in general. Take it empty or half empty to the airport. Drink the remaining water before going through security and refill it afterwards. Once in the plane, sip from your bottle any time you want without having to wait for the crappy little cup of water the flight attendant will give you at some point during the flight. 

Carry Healthy snacks

choose fruits that are easy to eat, easy or no peeling, not too juicy that it drips all over the place

If you care about your health and your pocket you should not forget to carry some snack with you. The most convenient foods to take with you are nuts, fruits and your favourite healthy bars. If you feel motivated, prepare a nice sandwich at home! In some places, you may not introduce foreign foods in the country and you will be asked to throw away anything you carry with you. Be mindful and only take with you what you think you will consume.

Carry Melatonin pills 

If you are travelling to a very different time zone you may need help adjusting. Take one when it is time to go to bed in your final destination to help minimise jet lag. Melatonin is a hormone that our own body produces. It is not harmful to take a pill to help your internal clock adjust, but remember to follow indications.

Ibuprofen pills

There is nothing worse than getting a headache and not being able to deal with it. I personally believe that one should always pack some ibuprofen as a general rule. So have a couple of pills handy, just in case

.THE END. FOREVER. Let me know if you found this series of carry-on items helpful. I know it’s long but it does make a difference! Don’t forget to add health into your carry on luggage!

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